B i o g r a p h y




Hello Handsome!

So nice of you to drop in!


Curiosity has led you to seek a lovely creature out of the ordinary, a familiar touch from the palm you melt into, light kisses from soft lips that turn quickly into loaded, lustful liaisons, and I urge you to recognize that you deserve all of this and more. You have discovered the ultimate custom  experience you have been dreaming of, that only I, Alexis Reynolds can offer you at my caliber and with my candor.


Standing pint-sized at 4’10”, with an athletic figure coupled with coveted curves, I have chosen to enrich my faintly sun kissed skin as I would any canvas. I have decorated my rocking body with many meaningful and custom illustrations. Each line inked into my skin tells a unique and colorful story from my inspirited and adventurous life.

My tattoos are impressive, but my smile or the welcome glint in my eyes are truly the perfect indicators that the first of many impressions will hold unforgettable and mind blowing experiences between us.


As a skilled licensed  therapist, my hands are merely one of the many interactive parts of me that reward you with a level of satisfaction that carries with it the symptom of weakness in the knees.  Being an artist of many mediums, my talents do not just begin and end in the realm of  exceptional sensual performances. I am also a featured performer in published musical videography, a cover model and centerfold for nationally ranked fetish lifestyle magazines, and an experienced stage performer in the arts of erotic, live bdsm, sideshow and burlesque dances.


I enjoy having all eyes on me as I bewitchingly put on a show for you. The movement of my body illuminates racy foreshadowings of facilitating any or all of your most intense desires. Give yourself over to me and allow me to guide you through the deepest parts of your mind. Allow me to turn your forbidden fantasies into the sexy masterpiece that is your new and improved reality once you engage in the paradise I have spent nearly a decade building and perfecting for us both.


When it comes to the spell-binding seduction of my clients, I excel effortlessly. Positivity, instant connection, chemistry and reciprocation is what I strive for in the development of my relationships.

Knowledgeable in a surprising variety of topics, I have never met a stranger and I enjoy going the extra mile to ensure that my clients feel like royalty. Arrive for your morning appointment with me where I greet you at the door with a passionate kiss amid the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and a light breakfast for us to help revive you after we work up an appetite from indulging in one another! If afternoon delights or nightcaps are more your speed, I am everything you need.


Comfortably established in my mid-twenties, aside from new friends, I keep myself busy with a personal business venture, along with an array of leisure pursuits, including snowboarding in Blue Ridge Mountains, yoga and sunbathing on the beaches of Oahu, and crowd surfing at rock concerts and music festivals across the United States. Youthful yet finely polished, I love to enjoy the things that make life worthwhile. On days where I must recharge my social batteries, I can be found lost in the aisles of vintage shops or outdoor markets, collaborating stylish finds whilst sipping caramel Frappuccinos or unwinding in a warm, candlelit bubble bath until my manicured toes have pruned and my worries have risen above me like the steam from the hot faucet.


So, if your journey, patient learning of me through my web presence or this first discovery of me have given way to a desire of meeting me personally, you find that must book time with me. Give in and feed your wants and needs for an engagement so riveting and breathtaking from a tiny, talented seductress that cannot be duplicated.


You now are faced with the challenging but in my opinion, most exciting questions. How much time should you schedule for yourself to really have it all? And also importantly, what fantasy shall we fulfill first? Let your mind wander, but don't make yourself linger for too long. Will I finally become your mysterious, edgy personal assistant? The girl next door you’ve been undressing with your eyes since our first glance? That thrilling, sensual muse you've been desperately needing? Your warm, roaming handed, passionate rendezvous companion? The woman who simply cannot resist secretly pressing against you underneath our show booth or across the dinner table? Or your hot, X-rated strappy and snappy Felicia Hardy? You can experience all the world and your very best lifestyle all from my boudoir or perhaps someplace more exotic.