C o n t a c t

Screening Requirements

Full Legal name, Date of birth, City & State with current photo and  Clear Photo ID

Please include all information in a single email with date , time(s) and length of booking desired. 


References , physical descriptions of yourself & Unclothed Photos are neither required nor helpful, please do not send.


incomplete or disrespectful inquiries will be automatically deleted without reply.  


Please read up on me prior to contact. I do not allow reviews (safe for work feedback is allowed but zero lewd conduct or representation of my persona or image are permitted online or in any social or public or private based media platform. 

All required screening information must be submitted 4 hours or more from desired booking start time.

Screening and 25% deposit are required prior to being added to my calendar. without both, there is no booking set with me and the time will be given to the next available inquirer. 

Prescreening and prebooking can be made up to 6 months in advance if the date and time of your choosing is available. 

Once we have had a meeting there is no need to re-screen with me. Requests for same day bookings with 4 hours notice or more are more likely to be accommodated  unless the request falls during a tour. 

One reference per appointment within 6 months will be given to each client. 

Clients who have booked twice or more prior to 2020 are grandfathered in at 2020 pricing on a good standing and active status basis..